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Insect Ways on Summer Days by Jennett Humphreys

Insect Ways on Summer Days by Jennett Humphreys

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Insect Ways on Summer Days

In Garden, Forest, Field, and Stream

by Jennett Humphreys

The Gresham Publishing Company, c.1940, colour frontispiece, full page b/w plates and in text b/w illustrations throughout, embossed front & spine hardcover,

Very Good Condition, faded spine,mildly bumped corners, clean and bright internally

'Young People, I am telling you in this book about a few of the countless tiny things which fill the air, which creep into crevices, which nibble the crops, which suck leaf juices, which flutter and glisten and sparkle, which buzz and whirr and chirp.  They are amazing, every one; they are a marvel.  I wish I could say I had seen them all myself.  I have not, though; for nobody in this world has seen everything in it.  But I have read the books of the people who have seen the marvelous little creatures; the books of the people who have watched them with attentive eyes, and with excellent science behind their eyes to make their watching important; and I have taken the portions of these books I knew would be pleasant to you, and whilst you wonder and feel friendly and admire, you may be quite sure every little word is true.  And that is good to know.' - Jennett Humphreys


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