Introducing Drawing Techniques by Robin Capon

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Introducing Drawing Techniques

by Robin Capon

Book Club Associates, 1982, 96 pages, 147 illustrations, hardcover, dustjacket

Very Good, Near Fine Condition,

'This book is divided into sections on Line, Point, Tone, Wash, and Texture.  The traditional uses of pen and pencil are described and so are some more unorthodox techniques.  Mr Capon explains how a compass, ruler, template or stencil can be used, paint can be sprayed, stippled or offset, drawings can be made with a finger, a length of card, a straw, a rubber and even a typewriter.  With his own illustrations, and some by well-known artists, Mr Capon shows how to produce a wide variety of drawings : portraits, landscapes, still life and abstract designs.'

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