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King Arthur & The Grail by Richard Cavendish

King Arthur & The Grail by Richard Cavendish

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King Arthur & The Grail

The Arthurian Legends and their Meaning

by Richard Cavendish

Book Club Associates, 1978, hardcover, dustjacket, 

Near Fine Condition, book in fine condition, dustjacket has some edge and shelf wear with tiny tears to top front, sunned spine (see photographs)

'The stories of Arthur, the knights of the Round Table and the Grail are among the most enduring, most moving and profound heroic legends in the world.  They have fascinated generations of audiences, not only because they are exciting and romantic in their own right but because a deeper significance seems to lie beneath the surface of their incidents and characters.
Richard Cavendish examines the themes which, to the present day, have given the Arthurian and Grail legends their compelling attraction: heroism, honour, the quest of the self and the conquest of death. 'The central Arthurian theme,' he writes, 'has a particular urgency and appeal.  This is the search for integrity, the attempt to find and realize one's true and best self.' '


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