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Laughing Matters by Steven Jacobi

Laughing Matters by Steven Jacobi

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Laughing Matters

by Steven Jacobi

Century, 2005, [First Edition], ISBN 1844137988, paperback

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, minor rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions (see photographs)

“Most of us imagine ourselves witty, no hilarious raconteurs, with our small armoury of polished anecdotes, true stories and gags.   But then we don’t have to be funny night after night.
And, of course, the British are proud of their sense of humour.  Nothing like it in the world.  We watch comedians hold an audience in the palm of their hand and think I could do that.  We watch comedians flounder and think I could do much better than that.
But none of us try it, because none of us deep down has the nerve.  Steven Jacobi however, did.  And in Laughing Matters he reveals just what it’s like to take to the stage with only the mike for protection and try to make people laugh.  He mercilessly mines his life and those closest to him in his hunt for gags.  He studies in minute detail the various comedic techniques of our greatest comedians in the hope of polishing his delivery.  He swaps stories with other aspirant comedians and chats to veterans – searching for the comedian’s elixir.  And the result...”


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