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Law & Medical Practice by Loane Skene

Law & Medical Practice by Loane Skene

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Law & Medical Practice

Rights, Duties, Claims & Defences - 2nd Edition

by Loane Skene

LexisNexis Butterworths, 2004 [Second Edition], paperback, ISBN 0409318795

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, highlighting to some pages, uncreased spine, 

'This book helps to allay these and other concerns for health professionals, by clarifying many popular misconceptions about legally enforceable 'rights' in the area of health care.  The book analyses other complex issues, such as the limits on patients' rights, and the notion of the 'right' to be given medical treatment.  It looks at the complexities of what must be proved by a patient in legal proceedings against a doctor, as well as exploring the defences available to doctors.

This new edition has been thoroughly updated in relation to:

  • the new privacy laws covering confidentiality and the patient's right of access to medical records;
  • patients' rights to appoint decision makers when they are not competent to make their own decisions;
  • the circumstances in which relatives and carers can legally make health-related decisions; and 
  • recent tort law reform, in response to the medical indemnity crisis, to further restrict litigation against doctors.
The second edition, like the first, explains civil and criminal law principles relevant to medical practice in language that readers from either a legal or medical background can easily understand.  It also analyses the theoretical basis of the relevant legal principles, revealing that the law in practice is often different from what it may seem in theory.'



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