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Legend The Genesis of Civilisation by David M. Rohl

Legend The Genesis of Civilisation by David M. Rohl

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Legend The Genesis of Civilisation

A Test of Time - Volume Two

by David M. Rohl

Random House, 1998, full-colour plates, b/w photographs throughout, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 071267747

Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, dustjacket has one or two tiny tears (see photographs)

'We follow in the footsteps of Adam's descendants as they migrate from their earthly paradise, beyond the high Zagros Mountains of western Iran, down into the swamps of primeval Sumer.  Delving deeply into the epic literature of Mesopotamia produces a wealth of evidence to confirm much of the Genesis narrative.  David Rohl identifies the original Tower of Babel and shows the biblical deluge to have been a real event; the site of the ark's landing is identified - but not on Mount Ararat as has been supposed in modern times.
Legend goes on to reveal the historical identity of the founders of pharaonic civilisation.  The vast Eastern Desert of Egypt gives up its long-hidden secrets on a pioneering expedition to uncover evidence of newcomers to the African continent in prehistoric times.  The Egyptians of the pharaonic age recalled a time when the gods came to establish the great civilisation of the Nile Valley. Who were these primeval gods and where did they come from?  The book of Genesis holds the answers.' 


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