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Lens of the World by R. A. MacAvoy

Lens of the World by R. A. MacAvoy

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Lens of the World

by R. A. MacAvoy

Headline Book Publishing, 1991, ISBN 0747279535, paperback

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing to edges and corners, a little creasing to covers, no inscriptions, age toned pages (see photographs)

"In a memoir to his king, Nazhuret recounts the story of his coming of age, of his rise from the pitiable status of an outcast orphan to that of renowned warrior, philosopher and confidant of the mighty...
His story is barely begun when Nazhuret is, seemingly by chance rather than design, abducted from the Royal Sordaling School by a dapper madman.  In the lunatic's lair he is confronted by strange machines with yet stranger purposes and subjected to trials of strength, intelligence and wit for which even his rigorous military schooling has ill prepared him.  But this bizarre process proves to be - rather than the arcane torture Nazhuret imagines it - the preparation of its unsuspecting victim for an exceptional destiny."



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