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Living The Dream by Rod Myer

Living The Dream by Rod Myer

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Living The Dream

The Story of Victor Smorgon

by Rod Myer

New Holland Publishers, 2000, ISBN 1864366842, colour plates, hardcover, dustjacket

Fine Condition

'From humble beginnings as the son of a Ukrainian butcher to becoming one of Australia's leading industrialists and patriarch of the well-known Smorgon family business - this is the fascinating story of Victor Smorgon.  Born in the final days of Tsarist Russia, Victor and his family lived under the yoke of anti-sematic oppression.  When the Russian Revolution briefly offered freedom to the Jews, Victor's father, Norman led the family into industry - the beginning of the entrepreneurial ethic that would be instilled in Victor and his relatives.  But the tumultuous times took a tragic toll on the Smorgon family and, in 1927, Norman led them to Australia.'

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