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Look Good Naked by Donna Aston

Look Good Naked by Donna Aston

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Look Good Naked 

Myokinetics - the art of deep tissue toning

by Donna Aston

Hybrid Publishers, Melbourne, 2002, 189 pages, ISBN 1876462264, illustrated, paperback, 

Like New Condition, slight 'dog-eared' corners (see photographs)

'A revolutionary new concept, MyoKinetics is a unique deep tissue toning method based on mind-muscle connection: learning to switch-off 'autopilot' and 'drive' your own body.  Without it your exercise results will always be restricted.  Once you have learned the skills and practiced the techniques presented in Look Good Naked you can apply them to the home workouts that are taught in this book, or to any other form of exercise to reap greater benefits.'

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