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Lords of The Golden Horn by Noel Barber

Lords of The Golden Horn by Noel Barber

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Lords of the Golden Horn

by Noel Barber

Book Club Associates, 1974, 304 pages, ISBN 333138619X, hardcover, dust jacket, b&w illustrations

Very Good Condition, minor foxing to title page, sticker residue on inside front cover, a little edge and shelf wear to dustjacket

'The story of the Ottoman empire - once the mightiest in the world - seen through the actions of its dissolute sultans, their venal politicians, and their favourite concubines, intriguing for power in the hidden world of the harem.

Against the background of the Grand Seraglio in Constantinople, where the concubines lived and waited for that supreme moment when the Sultan would command a visit to his bedroom, the voluptuous history of the degenerate Sultans is unveiled ...'

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