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L'Oreal Took My Home by Monica Waitzfelder

L'Oreal Took My Home by Monica Waitzfelder

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L'Oreal Took My Home

The Secrets of a Theft

by Monica Waitzfelder

Arcadia Books, 2006, paperback, ISBN 1905147112

Fine Condition, minor edge wear, un-creased spine

'This is the explosive true story of a legal case led by a lone woman against one of the largest multinationals in the world.

'L'Oreal took my home' Edith Rosenfelder was always saying.  This claim affected her daughter Monica, who decided when she grew up she'd try to understand what lay behind it.  It was the start of an investigation leading to action in the French courts.  Prior to 1937, Monica Waitzfelder's family lived in Germany.  Being Jewish, they were forced to flee the country, abandoning all their possessions, and their property was looted in the same way as happened to many other European Jews, who were victims of persecution prior to the Holocaust.'


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