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Love Me Sailor by Robert S. Close

Love Me Sailor by Robert S. Close

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Love Me Sailor

by Robert S. Close

With decorations by Geoffrey C. Ingleton

Georgian House, 1945, [First Edition], b/w illustrations, hardcover

Fair Condition, much wear and rubbing to edges and covers, grubby marks and staining to covers, light watermarks to some pages

'An authentic narrative of early convict days.What happens when a sexually active female is a passenger on board a sailing vessel with a crew of lawless man.
The author's first novel, dealing with the voyage of a windjammer and the chaos caused on board by its sole passenger, a neurotic nymphomaniac.
The first edition sold out in a few weeks, it was then banned in Australia and  Close and his publisher were charged with 'obscene libel'. Both the author and publisher were fined, the author was fined 100 pounds also spent some time in gaol but was released when the sentence was modified on appeal. Georgian House (the publishers) were fined 500 pounds.'


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