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Making Kitchen Cabinets by Paul Levine

Making Kitchen Cabinets by Paul Levine

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Making Kitchen Cabinets

A foolproof system for the home workshop

by Paul Levine

The Taunton Press, 1988, colour photographs, b/w illustrations and diagrams, paperback, ISBN 0918804947

Very Good Condition, edge-wear, cover slightly yellowed,

'Beautiful cabinets make a kitchen.  And Paul Levine's cabinets are as handsome as they are practical, with sleek lines, hidden hinges, colorful laminated surfaces and warm wood trim.  What makes these cabinets especially attractive is the ease and efficiency with which Levine constructs them.  His cabinetmaking system anticipates problems and allows for their solution in each stage of construction.  In this book and the companion video, Levine shows you how to achieve precise results without fuss.  Using only a table saw, a router and some hand tools, you too will be able to make cabinets that are better and less expensive than anything you can buy.'

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