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Mandala Zentangle by Jane Marbaix

Mandala Zentangle by Jane Marbaix

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Mandala Zentangle

The Mindful Way to Creativity

by Jane Marbaix

Arcturus Publishing, 2015, ISBN 9781784046484, colour and black and white illustrations and designs throughout, large paperback

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, all designs and pages unused and untouched  (see photographs)

“The art of Zentangle has caught the imagination worldwide, with growing numbers of people enraptured by the apparently simple tangles, or patterns, that can be woven into intricate and beautiful designs.  In our hectic age, the chance to still the mind and body by concentrating on harmony and shape is something we yearn for, even though we may not realize it.  Most of us, though, know the value of mediation and mindfulness, and the joy of Zentangle is that its repetitions and rhythms provide that inner space where we can switch off out everyday concerns and find deep satisfaction in our creativity.”


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