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Merlin Through The Ages by R. J. Stewart and John Mathews

Merlin Through The Ages by R. J. Stewart and John Mathews

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Merlin Through The Ages

A Chronological Anthology and Source Book

Edited by R. J. Stewart and John Mathews

Blandford, 1995, b/w illustrations in text, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0713724684

Like New Condition, minor edge-wear to dustjacket

'Though the editors present such a valuable and wide-ranging array of texts, this is not primarily a scholarly collection.  Instead, it is an overview of the Merlin literature for the general reader as well as for the historian, researcher, Arthurian enthusiast and modern seeker after an older knowledge.

Whatever the starting point of any interest in Merlin, be it in his archetypal human wildness, his role of wiseman, as seer, prophet or shaman, this book is surely destined to become the anthology of sources for those whose timeless story is one of the great British epics.  In that spirit, the editors offer their selection of the myths, texts, poems and plays to all who have experienced, or seek to experience for themselves, the power of Merlin.'

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