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Mullahs Without Mercy by Geoffrey Robertson

Mullahs Without Mercy by Geoffrey Robertson

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Mullahs Without Mercy

Human Rights and Nuclear Weapons

by Geoffrey Robertson

Random House, 2012, lightly illustrated with b/w photographs, paperback, ISBN 9781742758213

Very Good Condition, some shelf and edge wear

'This ground-breaking study exposes Iran's crimes against prisoners and dissidents, perpetrated by the very same mullahs who may soon have their fingers on nuclear triggers.  Bit it argues that the US has no legal right to attack, as Israel - hypocritically hiding its own nuclear arsenal - demands.  In this vividly written and authoritative book, one of our highest-profile legal minds shows how the mushroom cloud hovering over the Middle East might yet have a silver lining - forcing the world to reassert the rule of international law, which could lead to the elimination of a weapon with the power to destroy us all.'

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