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Murders On The Nile by J. Bowyer Bell

Murders On The Nile by J. Bowyer Bell

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Murders On The Nile

The World Trade Center And Global Terror

by J. Bowyer Bell

Encounter Books, 2003, [First Edition], hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 1893554635

Like New Condition, dustjacket has very minor edge and shelf wear

'Murders On The Nile takes us into a murky underworld of Egyptian exiles, Palestinian and Iranian militants, and Arabs waging Jihad in Afghanistan - all of them joined together by a dream of violence, freedom and vengeance.  By the beginning of the twenty-first century, these Islamist zealots had filled their ranks with holy men and hijackers, charismatic preachers and street thugs.  Their yearning for the paradise of an imagined past had become a conspiracy found not only along the Nile, but ultimately along the Hudson as well.'

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