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Mussolini's Island by John Follain

Mussolini's Island by John Follain

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Mussolini's Island

The Battle for Sicily 1943 By the People Who Were There

by John Follain

Hodder & Stoughton, 2005, b/w photographic plates, maps, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0340833629

Like New Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'Mussolini's Island is not a conventional military history.  It tells the story of otherwise faceless individuals - including and Italian soldier, a young member of a Panzer regiment, a Spitfire pilot, a Royal Navy officer and a young Sicilian girl - whose lives were changed forever by the choices of Hitler and Mussolini, and two famous generals locked in a personal rivalry: 'Old Blood and Guts' Patton and Montgomery, the Eight Army commander.
Based on new in-depth interviews with the main characters, and accounts from dozens of survivors, Mussoliini's Island sweeps the reader across the beaches and through the rugged hills of Sicily in the Allied landing that paved the way for D-Day twelve months later.'


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