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Nerves, Brain and Man by John Grayson

Nerves, Brain and Man by John Grayson

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Nerves, Brain and Man

by John Grayson

Phoenix House, 1961 [First Edition], illustrated frontispiece, line drawings in text, red colour-dipped top fore-edge hardcover

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little wear, rubbing and bumping to edges, corners and spine (see photographs)

"To me there is no more exciting study than that of the human mind.  It is at the very heart of our being.  The tale of its development from its humble beginnings countless centuries ago is an epitome of the story of man, and to understand that story one must approach it with the feeling of a biologist for living things.  Many today regard the brain as nothing but a conglomeration of electronic circuits and biological transistors, a sort of computer placed willynilly in the care of an inadequate body,  They miss the whole wonder of man's greatest assets, for the nervous system is alive, it is a vital living structure, an integral part of the whole organism."


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