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Now Listen, Mate! by John O'Grady

Now Listen, Mate! by John O'Grady

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Now Listen, Mate!

by John O'Grady, Illustrated by Frank Benier

Ure Smith, 1979, paperback, ISBN 0725404345

Very Good Condition, pages age-toned, spine uncreased

'Now Listen, Mate!' says John O'Grady. 'These essays, or whatever they may be, represent my thoughts and conclusions on various things and people. My eldest son wanted me to write my autobiography - "The story of your life, Pop" he said. "And tell the truth."
'He can go and jump in Lake Burley Griffin. I offer instead some comment on what life has taught me.
'After sixty years of knocking around and being knocked about, a man acquires a sort of philosophy. Basically, mine is that nothing in life is worth getting steamed up about, and most things are good only for a laugh.'
Frank Benier's hilarious illustrations fully support O'Grady's philosophy.

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