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Odhams Enquire Within

Odhams Enquire Within

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Odhams Enquire Within

A comprehensive book or reference for the home and the office

Odhams Press, 1951, [First Edition], black and white illustrations throughout, hardcover

Good Condition, some edge and shelf wear, some rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions, dusty spine and fore edges (see photographs)

“There can be few people who, in their daily lives in home, workshop or office, do not require the answers to countless topical questions, or instructions as to how to perform the increasing number of essential tasks which fall to the lot of the ordinary householder.  It is the aim of this volume to provide the answers to most of these everyday problems in an easily accessible and comprehensible form.  How wide its net has been cast can be gathered from a glance through the list of contents on the two proceeding pages.
Nearly all the sections have been arranged alphabetically.  Having turned up the appropriate subject by reference to the contents pages, the reader will then experience no difficulty in finding the required entry.  A few sections, such as the Radio and Television Guide and the chapter on Dogs, Cats and Poultry, do not lend themselves to such treatment if their subject matter is to arranged logically.  But these sections, like the rest of the book, are provided with ample headings, and the reader should easily find the information he seeks.  The section on Law for Everyman is divided, for ease of reference, under four main heading which are themselves subdivided.”


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