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On God's Command Mandati Da Dio by Pino Bosi

On God's Command Mandati Da Dio by Pino Bosi

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On God's Command

Italian Missionaries in Australia

Missionari Italiani in Australia

Mandati Da Dio

by Pino Bosi

CIRC, 1989, b/w photographs throughout, multi-lingual (written in both Italian and English), paperback, ISBN 0949491101

Very Good Condition minor creasing, edge wear, surface wear and shelf wear

'To commemorate the historic visit by the Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Marco Ce, in honour of the Australian Bicentennial celebrations, the Vaccari Village commissioned well-known journalist and writer Pino Bosi to research and write the first book on the Italian missionaries in Australia.
Far from being a peaceful and quiet history, the story of the Italian missionaries is one of high drama and tensions, both on a personal and institutional level.
Two attempted murders, the struggle for physical as well as spiritual survival in a harsh environment, the bold attempt to Christianise Aborigines, rivalries between orders and religious institutions, acts of courage and moments of weakness are recorded in 'On God's Command', which traces the presence of Italian missionaries from the early days of the Colony when Catholics were not even allowed to practice their Faith.  It's a book not to be missed from your library.'

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