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Palmers' Outback Legend by Desly Palmer

Palmers' Outback Legend by Desly Palmer

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Palmers' Outback Legend

Told by Desly Palmer to Deanna Wilkinson

Deanna Wilkinson, 2000 [First Edition], [Signed], b/w photographs, paperback, ISBN 0957800819

Near Fine Condition, Signed By Author on title page, minor edge and shelf wear

'The story begins as an account of a journey from when gold was first discovered in Victoria at the time of the Eureka stockade dispute in 1854.  Then it moves over to West Australia at the time Paddy Hannan found gold in Collgardie in 1893 ...
The story goes on to tell how the people lived in the mining towns in that era.  Like tales of the Royal mail stagecoach, goats used for miling, Billy goat races, donkeys and camel teams who bought in the wool from the station and carted water to outlying stations.  When the station country was opened up for settlement his sons worked it in real pioneering spirit.  The depression year comes and men returned back to work in the mines...'

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