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Photography for Article-Writers by Gordon Wells

Photography for Article-Writers by Gordon Wells

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Photography for Article-Writers

Sell more articles with this practical guide to simple photography

by Gordon Wells

W. H. Allen & Co., 1990, b/w photographs, paperback, ISBN 0749000120

Very Good Condition, pages yellowed, spine un-creased

'Magazine articles often stand more chance of acceptance if they are illustrated.  And taking suitable photographs is easy, says Gordon Wells.  In Photography for Article-Writers he shows you exactly how to take the right sort of photographs.  Photographs that will make your general interest articles sell better.

With today's cameras you need do little more than just 'point and shoot'.  Apart from having the right camera and the right film, the only other requirement is 'an eye'.  you need to see the right picture.  To a writer-photographer, the right picture is the one that the editor buys.  Photography for Article-Writers shows you how to develop the 'eye' for that saleable picture.  It won't make you a Bailey or a Lichfield - but you should get pictures published.'

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