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Pilot - Prisoner - Survivor by Harvey Besley

Pilot - Prisoner - Survivor by Harvey Besley

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Pilot - Prisoner - Survivor

Six Years in Uniform

by Harvey Besley

Published by Author, 2001 [2nd Edition], b/w photographs, paperback, ISBN 0949414115

Very Good Condition, edge and shelf wear, sticker residue on back cover

'After being raised on properties in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, Harvey Besley volunteered to join the R.A.A.F. at the beginning of World War II.  On finally being accepted, he trained as a pilot and flew Blenheim Bombers in the Middle-East before being transferred to the Far East command.  While on a bombing raid his plane was involved in a mid-air crash over Burma.  Although injured he was able to parachute to safety only to be handed over by the frightened locals to the Japanese.
In a large extent due to his rural upbringing, he was able to survive the horrific time of incarceration.  With the advance of the allied forces the Japanese attempted to march those prisoners, healthy enough to move, north.  On the way Harvey and some companions managed to escape and after a series of harrowing experiences joined up with the allied forces, and action which resulted in his winning the Military Medal.  This is a straightforward story of strength, skill and courage exemplified by the Australian bushman.'



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