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Pirate of the North by Harold McCracken

Pirate of the North by Harold McCracken

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Pirate of the North

by Harold McCracken

Frederick Warne & Co., 1955 [First Edition], colour illustrated frontispiece, paperback with wraps

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, blue ink marks in margins on two pages, foxing to edges, clipped wrap at front (see photographs)

“When the Indian guide left nineteen-year old Jack Lauson at eh cabin in the Quehatch Valley, he murmured a solemn warning.  For there was a legendary curse on the valley – every man who had come in search of gold or furs had met with strange misfortunes.  And this lonely cabin was to be Jack’s home for the winter, a self-imposed test of his courage and endurance.
As the snows fell, Jack soon learned the meaning of the Indian’s prophecy.  This part of the Yukon was the undisputed domain of the moose, the bear, the wolf, and above all, of the evil wolverine.  Cunnning and cautious, this prowling pirate robbed traps of bait and captives, and was as elusive as a shadow.
Fighting cold and hunger, Jack relentlessly tracked the wolverine through the Valley of the Quehatch, and the unexpected end of the quest brought him a new feeling of maturity.”


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