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Private Planet by David Cromwell

Private Planet by David Cromwell

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Private Planet

Corporate plunder and the fight back

by David Cromwell

Jon Carpenter Publishing, 2001 [First Edition], ISBN 1897766629, paperback

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing to edges and corners, un-creased spine, no inscriptions, minor mark on bottom fore-edge (see photographs)

"Private Planet takes a critical, new and revealing look at how economic globalisation is destroying human rights and the environment.  Citizens are losing power to undemocratic institutions and private corporations - by a process of stealth.  this trend is being sold to the public by politicians, the business community and the media as 'inevitable', 'civilised' and 'just'.  It isn't any of these.
David Cromwell examines how and why the forces of globalisation are opposing ecological sustainability, human rights and social justice - and draws on examples from around the world to show what we can do to reverse the process."


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