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Quin's Shanghai Circus by Edward Whittemore

Quin's Shanghai Circus by Edward Whittemore

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Quin's Shanghai Circus

by Edward Whittemore

Hutchinson & Co., 1975 [First Edition], ISBN 0091230500, hardcover, dustjacket

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear (see photographs) 

'On a winter's day, some twenty years after the end of the Second World War, a huge, smiling fat man wearing a black bowler hat and a military greatcoat and known as Geraty walked into a bar in the Bronx bearing his name and picked the pocket of a young man named Quin, thereby setting in motion a series of events that was to culminate in the largest funeral procession held in Asia since the thirteenth century.
Quin was to embark on a journey to the East where he would discover the truth about his parents and how they, together with a pederastic Catholic priest, the one-eye stoic chief of the Japanese secret police, and a Russian anarchist turned sensualist (fluent in more than eighty languages, confident of Trotsky and Chou-En-Lai, and erudite translator of Japanese pornography) succeeded in uncovering Japan's military secrets and changing the course of the Second World War.

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