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Real Dirt by James Woodford

Real Dirt by James Woodford

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Real Dirt

How I Beat My Grid-Life Crisis

by James Woodford

The Text Publishing Company, 2008, colour photograph plates, black & white photographs, paperback, ISBN 9781921351792

Very Good Condition

'It took James Woodford a while to realise that the greasy pole of big-city ambition was not for him. To rediscover the environmentalist he’d aspired to be when he was young, and to get his family out of the city.

But eventually they made it: to the wildly beautiful south coast of New South Wales and a sustainable, self-sufficient, solar-powered lifestyle on 120 acres. No house? They’d build one. Land grazed down and eroding into the lake? Fix it up with some love and hard work…coax it to yield home-grown vegies…plant orchards, raise chooks…a humungous worm farm…How hard could it be?

Real Dirt is the most personal book yet from the award-winning author of The Wollemi Pine and The Secret Life of Wombats. The true story of a sea-change, the life that led there—and what you have to go through to get where you want to be.'


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