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Rembrandt by Leonard J. Slatkes

Rembrandt by Leonard J. Slatkes

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Introduction and Commentaries 

by Leonard J. Slatkes

Abbeville Library of Art

Abbeville Press, 1980 [First Edition], colour reproduction plates throughout, including 1 fold-out plate, paperback, ISBN 0896591344 

Near Fine Condition, minor edge/shelf wear, un-creased spine, one page has light pencil scribble (see photographs) 

'Few painters have attained the fame Rembrandt has consistently enjoyed, and even fewer have so captured the public's imagination.  The warm golden hues of his works and the sensitive haunting faces of his portraits have inspired painters for over three centuries.  And his life - both the legend and the facts - is as well known as his paintings.  Here in one superbly printed volume are forty-one of Rembrandt's most important works, covering the full range of subjects; portraits and self portraits, biblical and classical scenes, and even his rare landscapes.  To accompany the reproductions, the noted art historian Leonard J. Slatkes has written commentaries pointing out the significance of each work and the relation of that work to Rembrandt's life.'


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