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Rocketship by Robert Malone

Rocketship by Robert Malone

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An Incredible Voyage Through Science Fiction and Science Fact

by Robert Malone

Push Pin Press, 1977, [First Edition], ISBN 0060128518, black & white photographs and illustrations throughout, paperback

Very Good Condition, edges a little dog-eared, otherwise very good

'Man's impatience with his earthbound state led him to envision himself in flight.  It created myths like Daedalus and Lcarus and other flights of fantasy and imagination.  It led, finally, to the most fantastic vision of all - escaping the earth's gravity itself, lured by curiosity to other world's in space.  We can now float, walk, ride in space.  We can look back at our planet and see it as an object for the first time.  The rocketship has carried us on a voyage to new perspectives, new images, new worlds.  In this book, we'll look at how we got there.'

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