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Roma The First by Susan Magarey & Kerrie Round

Roma The First by Susan Magarey & Kerrie Round

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Roma The First

A biography of Dame Roma Mitchell

by Susan Magarey & Kerrie Round

Wakefield Press, 2009, b/w photos in text, paperback with wraps, ISBN 9781862547803

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, small mark to edge, un-creased spine (see photographs)

'Here is Roma Flinders Mitchell, 1913-2000, her life spanning a century scarred by war and depression, illuminated by a vision of new freedoms and opportunities for women, a vision in which she became a central inspiration.  She was Australia's first female Queen's Counsel, the first woman in Australia appointed to a superior court, the first woman invited to present the Boyer Lecturers, the first woman elected Chancellor of an Australian university, the first woman to be appointed Governor of an Australian state.  She was necessarily formed by her times, but she also contributed importantly to those times, pioneering a new kind of womanhood.'


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