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Sacred Geometry Oracle by John Michael Greer

Sacred Geometry Oracle by John Michael Greer

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Sacred Geometry Oracle

Become the Architect of Your Life

Book Title: 'Techniques for Geometric Transformation'

by John Michael Greer

Llewellyn Publications, 2002, [First Edition Set], 33 printed cards, paperback book, boxed slipcase set with lid, ISBN 0738700517

Very Good Condition, 33 cards in Fine Condition, book in very good condition with edge and shelf wear, corners slightly curved/dog-eared, pages bright and tight in binding, box has some edge and shelf wear (see photographs)

'The Oracle contains thirty-three cards, each representing a basic figure or process in sacred geometry, and each one relating to one of the basic patterns of the universe - patterns that form the hidden structure of our everyday lives.  Upright and reversed meanings show how these patterns take shape in both the comfortable and challenging aspects of our world and ourselves.
Techniques for Geometric Transformation explores, in detail, the meanings of each Oracle's thirty-three cards, and teaches you how to cast and interpret readings.  It presents meditations and exercises for each card, allowing you to deepen awareness of your connection to the cosmos.'



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