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Seven Lengths of Rope by Trevor J. Porter

Seven Lengths of Rope by Trevor J. Porter

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Seven Lengths of Rope

Executions at the Old Adelaide Gaol

by Trevor J. Porter

published by author, 1995, ISBN 0947249400, lightly illustrated with black and white photographs, staple bound paperback

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing and bumping to edges, and corners, no inscriptions (see photographs)

“Since the foundation of the State, newspaper readers have been able to read about murder trials reported by the early news reporters who faithfully recorded practically every word spoken I court during such trials.  These short stories are a condensed version of such trials.
In most cases murder trials rely on circumstantial evidence.  Some of the trials received massive news coverage.  In one instance, following the trial of Natalla Habibulla, the letters to newspaper Editors from the public were derogatory, with racist remarks about him.  With today’s standards, they would not be printed.  Other cases received hardly any coverage at all with no public protests about the pending execution of the convicted murderer.
The public are still divided on the subject of the death penalty, but as one learned Judge summed up a murder trial – “Most murder trials are based on circumstantial evidence.  It is rare that there is direct acknowledgement of guilt.  An example would be the trial of William Page at Mount Gambier in 1875.  On being asked how did he plead on the charge of murder of Mary Buchan, he at once replied ‘Guilty’.  The Judge asked him ‘Do you understand the full effect of your plea.? And Page replied ‘Yes’.  The Judge: ‘And you still plead guilty?’ Page; ‘Yes.’ He was then sentenced to death.
The sentence was carried out at Mount Gambier Gaol 21 days later.


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