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Slaves of the War Lords by Henry Russell

Slaves of the War Lords by Henry Russell

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Slaves of the War Lords

by Henry Russell

Hutchinson & Co., [no date], 287 pages, ISBN 9781843421368, paperback, 

Fine, Like New Condition

'The Naval & Military Press offer specialist books for the serious student of conflict.  The range of titles stocked covers the whole spectrum of military history with titles on uniforms, battles, official histories, specialist works containing Medal Rolls and Casualties Lists, and numismatic titles for medal collectors and researchers.'

'This is a candid and outspoken account of trench life from the point of view of an infantry private on the Western front.
The author served in the 10th Worcesters (57th Brigade, 19th (Western) Division) which he joined in September 1916 near Hazebrouck where the battalion was absorbing drafts and training; on October 6th the battalion moved back to the Somme.
This book is full of front line action, vividly described with no punches pulled. There were macabre moments, too, such as on the Ancre when crouched at the bottom of a captured German trench, waiting to go over the top: 'Shift up a bit,' came a voice. 'Keep quiet, you idiot!' whispered other voices. 'Shift up a bit, will yer; I'm sitting on a dead Jerry!'
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