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Social Work With Addictions by James G. Barber

Social Work With Addictions by James G. Barber

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Social Work With Addictions

Second Edition

by James G. Barber

Palgrave Macmillan, 2002, paperback, ISBN 033398594X

Like New Condition

'This new edition of this important text has been fully revised and is an essential resource for those working in the field of drug addiction.
Drug misuse tends to be encountered by social workers in the context of other, often more pressing, social problems such as child abuse, homelessness, domestic violence or emergency relief.  This book responds tot eh needs of social workers in this position by covering the spectrum of brief - empirical validated - intervention methods that can be readily incorporated into broader casework plans at any stage of the change process, from extreme resistance to relapse prevention.
This clear and realistic text employs social work's person-in-situation' perspective to identify targets of intervention at the level of individuals, families, and even the broader social policy context.  It includes new material on recent or more commonly used substances such as designer drugs and methamphetamine.  It also provides an update on the latest research evidence on the aetiology and psychosocial treatment of addictions.  This is an invaluable and versatile text that is wholly attuned to social work needs.'



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