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Soul Made Flesh by Carl Zimmer

Soul Made Flesh by Carl Zimmer

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Soul Made Flesh

The Discovery of the Brain - and How It Changed the World

by Carl Zimmer

William Heinemann, 2004, ISBN 0434010464, illustrated, 

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'Soul Made Flesh tells the untold story of a dramatic turning point in history - the discovery of the role and importance of the human brain.  Carl Zimmer reveals how the secrets of the brain were uncovered in seventeenth-century England, against a backdrop of civil war, regicide and plague.  At the beginning of this turbulent century, no one knew how the brain worked or even what it looked like intact.  By the century's close, the science of the brain had taken root, helping to overturn many common misconceptions about the human body as well as unseat centuries-old philosophies of Man, God, and the Universe.'


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