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Spacewarps by John Gribbin

Spacewarps by John Gribbin

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Black Holes, White Holes, Quasars and the Universe

by John Gribbin

Pelican Books, 1984, lightly illustrated with diagrams and b/w photographs, paperback, ISBN 0140225315

Very Good Condition, pages age-toned, very light pencil marks on one or two pages, edge wear, shelf wear, (see photographs)

'Recent research into the relationship between space, time , and gravity has resulted in exciting discoveries.  Based on the current interpretation of Einstein's theory of relativity and assessing the most up-to-date information, Spacewarps investigates the implications of bent space-time  the universe around us.
Often controversial and always entertaining John Gribbin explores the effects of spacewarps, boldly exploring black holes and white holes, quasars, pulsars, X-ray stars and even the increasing possibility of time-travel.
Spacewarps is a fascinating glimpse into the mysteries of the cosmos.'



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