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Surgeon Scientist by Graham L Hill

Surgeon Scientist by Graham L Hill

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Surgeon Scientist

Adventures in Surgical Research

by Graham L Hill

Random House, 2006 [First Edition], ISBN 9781869417925, black and white photographs and diagrams in text, paperback

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, minor rubbing to edges and corners, no inscriptions, un-creased spine (see photographs)

"Surgeon Scientist is the story of the working life of Professor Graham L Hill, a surgeon who has worked in hospitals and teaching institutions in New Zealand, Indonesia, Britain and the United States.  His work on nutritional and metabolic problems in patients with critical injuries, severe inflammation, and after very major surgery has led to improvements in the care of these patients and has received worldwide acclaim.
This book gives a fascinating insight into the life of a surgeon at the cutting edge of new adventures in surgery.  An intriguing scientific detective story is detailed, as Professor Hill and his teams piece together clues, one painstaking step at a time, about how bodies heal.  Each piece of research they do brings more questions - patients lose weight following surgery; what is the nature of this weight loss? Why does the body lose so much protein after surgery?  Where does that protein come from?  What adverse effects does the protein loss have?  Can protein be replaced using supplements? Does it help if the patient has been well nourished before surgery"


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