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Survival Scrapbook 2. Food by Stefan A. Szczelkun

Survival Scrapbook 2. Food by Stefan A. Szczelkun

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Survival Scrapbook 2. Food

by Stefan A. Szczelkun

Unicorn Books, 1972, illustrated throughout, paperback, ISBN 0856590061

Very Good Condition, cover a little grubby, pages all clean and bright, previous owners inscription on title page

'Each page is a whole unit of information and carries a descriptive key word in the lower outside corner.  Units form areas which carry a circular area symbol and are sometimes color coded.

This is a method of information retrieval that allows you to add in what you find and remove what you do not find to your taste.   Everybody's gotta learn how to handle the information they need for their own survival; we can't trust the faceless agencies and their computerized bureaucracies.  Investigate, co-operate, unite and do-it-yourselves.

The arrangement of sections is roughly from immediate needs to the less immediate.  You can rearrange all this by cutting off the spine and fixing the pages up into a ring binder or something akin.  Stuff can be added to the blank pages provided if you don't feel like breaking it up straightaway.

This is a guide to what is possible.  The way to learn about these things is to do them.  The way to change is through open action; so get out and do it, and let people know about it.'

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