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Sydney's Burning by Ian Turner

Sydney's Burning by Ian Turner

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Sydney's Burning

by Ian Turner

William Heinemann, 1967, [First Edition], lightly illustrated throughout text, hardcover, dustjacket

Fine Condition, dustjacket a little nicked on edges and a little scuffed on back (see photographs)

'This book deals with the trial, imprisonment and long battle for re-trial and release of twelve Wobblies.  When their leader, Tom Barker, was gaoled for his anti-conscription posters, the Wobblies claimed that for every day he spent in gaol the capitalists would lose $10000 - and then began a series of fires in shops and factories which were never satisfactorily proved arson, but some of which appeared to have been started intentionally.  Tom Barker was released with nine months of his sentence left to run, but The Twelve tried for arson were convicted and given brutal sentences of up to fifteen years.  An incredible story, set in the time of that 'First War' now so distant but not unrelated to present times, its message plainly reiterates the saying 'eternal vigilance is the price of liberty'.'


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