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Tenun Handwoven Textiles Of Indonesia

Tenun Handwoven Textiles Of Indonesia

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Tenun: Handwoven Textiles of Indonesia

Cita Tenun Indonesia, 2014 (Second Edition), ISBN 9786029747300, Full Glossy Colour Photographs Throughout, Large format Hardcover, Dust Jacket

As New Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'This book sets out to celebrate the rich weaving heritage of Indonesia and to provide a general introduction and overview of the weaving traditions, both past and present.  Drawing on the expertise and knowledge of recognised academics, as well as the personally acquired understandings of informed collectors, the book will provide a valuable addition to the steadily growing body of knowledge on Indonesian textiles.

In addition to explaining the weaving techniques that were, and are, practised throughout the archipelago, this book also focuses on the visual symbolism of the textiles.  Although highly appreciated for their beauty, the designs and motifs are also an important record that may be 'read' by both wearer and onlooker.  Certain techniques and designs may be dated back to approximately 300 BCE when warp ikat was widely practised.

The Dongson-influenced designs of that period may still be seen in modern weavings from all over Indonesia.  Later, other cultures introduced their weaving techniques and motifs to the melting pot that became today's multicultural society.  Indian, Chinese, Arab and European influences all left their marks in the weaving traditions we see today.  These aspects are explored throughout the pages of this book.

Another of the books strengths is the wide range of sumptuous colour images that adorn every page.  Historical textiles from museum collections are placed side by side with contemporary examples to illustrate how ancient and traditional designs developed into contemporary expressions that reflect the dynamics of a constantly evolving society.  Archival photographs of textile weaving and use are also juxtaposed to contemporary practices and use'

'CITA TENUN INDONESIA (CTI) is an association of women who share a passion for Indonesian culture and especially for its textile traditions.  The main focus of their work is to preserve and encourage the development of this beautiful cultural product.  The publication of this book, and others to follow, is one of the core activities of CTI. The organisation's overall programme aims to help develop and create ever higher standards of textiles that may be applied to local, national and international needs. At the same time CTI intends to raise the standard of living for the weavers by organising training programmes that will enable them to create products for a wider market.  By documenting the textiles of the past and present, and thereby encouraging a wider appreciation of this art form, CTI hopes that the future of the Indonesian weavers will be secured.'

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