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The Amphigeo Story by Mark Roehrig

The Amphigeo Story by Mark Roehrig

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The Amphigeo Story 

by Mark Roehrig

Trafford Publishing (2002), 134 pages, ISBN 1553696530, b&w photographs and illustrations throughout, large format paperback.

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

About the Author

Our author didn't start out in life to become an internationally respected franchiser, innovative inventor, inspiring keynote speaker and author. And he didn't intend to become president and founder of the world's first mobile power window repair service. In fact just as Roehrig [pronounced Row-Rig] will readily admit, as a kid growing up in Kentucky during the 60's and 70's, his eyes were much more focused on inventions. I had so many dreams that nobody could figure me out, Roehrig grins, One thing for sure, I've never been earth bound. His positive resources for caring, education, and inspiration, as well as developing many unorthodox advertising campaigns, that most would scoff at to try, propelled him to achieve excellence as dispelled here in his most amazing story of determination. According to Mark, as he prefers to be called, what has evolved from a promotional tactic for a business, has been transformed into one of the most intriguing, sought after projects the world over. The Amphigeo is a combination of imagination, luck, skill, and most determinedly a dream of riding the waves as well as the curves, in an automobile converted to do both. He tells the tale of a man without much to go on but a small arsenal of second hand tools, lots of shade tree mechanic techniques, and a doggedness to win. Building an amphibious car in less time than it would take most to build a radio controlled airplane kit. His drive for success is exemplified in all his work.  

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