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The Australian Verandah by Douglass Baglin and Peter Moffitt

The Australian Verandah by Douglass Baglin and Peter Moffitt

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The Australian Verandah

Photographs by Douglass Baglin and Text by Peter Moffitt

Summit Books, 1980, full-page colour photographs throughout, paperback, ISBN 0727103180

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, spine uncreased

'The verandah, in all its varied forms, is almost certainly the most distinctively Australian feature of our architecture.  In this continent of harsh extremes of climate, it is an exceptionally practical device, sheltering people from sun and rain, shielding the walls of buildings from the heat of the sun and contributing much to their coolness in hot weather.
Douglass Baglin's superb photographs capture the essential uniqueness of the verandah in Australia.  From the restrained elegance of a Colonial Georgian mansion to the extremely functional street verandahs of a country town to the rough simplicity of a prospector's hut - simple or ornate, modest or imposing, utilitarian or decorative, it is always an honest expression of the land, its climate and its people.'


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