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The Backyard Cow by Ann Williams

The Backyard Cow by Ann Williams

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The Backyard Cow

by Ann Williams

Prism Press, 1979, ISBN 0904727890, black & white photographs and illustrations, paperback

Very Good Condition

'...a complete book of instruction and reference - the approach is both practical and enthusiastic.  For anyone interested in keeping a cow to give a regular supply of fresh milk, this is the ideal book.

Even the experienced cow keeper can learn from the wealth of information about housing, breeding, feeding and general management contained in this book.

Then, once the milk has been obtained, there are detailed and clear instructions on the techniques, both traditional and modern, of making cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products.  Recipes abound for varying the cheeses that you can make - soft cheeses, hard cheeses and flavoured cheeses.'


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