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The Battle of the Philippine Sea by W. D. Dickson

The Battle of the Philippine Sea by W. D. Dickson

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The Battle of the Philippine Sea

by W. D. Dickson

Ian Allan, 1975, [First Edition], b/w photographic plates, maps, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0711005176

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, sunned spine

'The Battle of the Philippine Sea, the greatest carrier battle in history, was important for several reasons.  It was the last attempt by the Japanese Navy to fight a wholly conventional battle.  The destruction of the Japanese air groups in this battle was the principle cause for the  resort to kamikaze attacks and the use of carriers as decoys at Leyre Gulf.  The battle also marked the high point of American technique.  In no previous battle had US carriers escaped damage from attacks by the Japanese Naval Air Force, nor, because of kamikaze, would they again escape harm.
The Philippines too, was a battle marked by a 'Jutland controversy'.  Admiral Spruance, victor at Midway, was criticised, sometimes severely, for not allowing the carrier force to move west and seek out the Japanese carriers rather than waiting for them as he did.  The principle contenders of this controversy are quoted at length in the text, which also includes a number of vivid action photographs not previously published,'


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