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The Book of Elves and Fairies by Frances Jenkins Olcott

The Book of Elves and Fairies by Frances Jenkins Olcott

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The Book of Elves and Fairies

by Frances Jenkins Olcott

George G. Harrap & Co. 1919 [First Edition], illustrated with colour frontispiece and 3 colour illustrated plates through book, green cloth, embossed illustration on cover

Fair Condition, coth starting to come away on back cover, wear to cover, rubbing to edges, age colouring and staining to inside front and back covers, previous owners gift inscriptions on front flyleaf, (see photographs)

'Accounts of elfin mounds and fairy hills abound here. So do fables of little men and treasures of gold, fairy servants, and spirits of water, forest, and meadow. Nearly 50 charming fairy tales and fantasies — gathered from Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, China, and other faraway places'


I. THE FAIRIES' STORY HOUR Come! Come! To the Fairies' Story Hour! II. AROUND! AROUND! IN FAIRY RINGS! "Adventures of Robin Goodfellow, Old English" "The Potato Supper, Irish" "The Milk-White Calf and the Fairy Ring, Irish" "The Wood-Lady, Bohemian" III. ELFIN MOUNDS AND FAIRY HILLS Monday! Tuesday! Irish "The Greedy Old Man, Cornish" "Legend of Bottle Hill, Irish" IV. LITTLE MEN AND TRESURES OF GOLD "The Boy Who Found the Pots of Gold, Irish" "The Ragweed, Irish" "The Bad Boy and the Leprechaun, Irish" "The Knockers' Diamonds, Cornish" "Skillywidden, Cornish" V. "GLAD LITTLE, SAD LITTLE, BAD LITTLE ELVES" "Little Redcap, Irish" "The Curmudgeon's Skin, Irish" "Judy and the Fairy Cat, Irish" "The Boggart, English" "Ownself, Northumberland" "The Sick-Bed Elves, Chinese" "How Peeping Kate Was Piskey-Led, Cornish" "One-Eyed Prying Joan's Tale, Cornish" VI. FAIRY SERVANTS IN THE HOUSE "The Fairy's Servants, Basque" "The Pixies, English" "The Brownie of Blednoch, Scottish" "Elsa and the Ten Elves, Swedish" Piskey Fine! and Piskey Gay! Cornish "The Fairy Wedding, Swedish" "The Tomts, Swedish" VII. "FAYS OF WATER, WOOD, AND MEADOW" "Kintaro the Golden Boy, Japanese" "The Flower Fairies, Chinese" "The Fairy Island, Cornish" "The Four-Leaved Clover, Cornish" "The Gillie Dhu, Scottish" "How Kahukura Learned to Make Nets, New Zealand" "Echo, the Cave Fairy, Mangaia [Cook Islands]" VIII. AWAY! AWAY! TO FAIRYLAND "The Magic Ferns, Cornish" "The Smith and the Fairies, Scottish" "The Girl Who Was Stolen by the Fairies, Irish" "The Girl Who Danced with the Fairies, Irish" "Elidore and the Golden Ball, Welsh" IX. FAIRY GODMOTHERS AND WONDERFUL GIFTS "Prince Cheri, Madame Le Prince de Beaumont" "Toads and Diamonds, Charles Perrault" "Blanche and Rose, Madame Le Prince de Beaumont" "The Enchanted Watch, Jean Mace" X. FAIRY ADVENTURES "Butterfly's Diamond, Lydia Maria Child" "Little Niebla, W. H. Hudson" "Little Tiny, Hans Christian Andersen" "The Immortal Fountain, Lydia Maria Child" "The Story of Childe Charity, Frances Browne" "The Shining Child and the Wicked Mouche, adapted"


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