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The Cedar Box by John Oxenham

The Cedar Box by John Oxenham

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The Cedar Box

by John Oxenham

Longmans, Green and Co., 1927, black and white frontispiece by T Baines, paperback with wraps, illustrated with gold embossing on front cover 

Very Good Condition, some edge and shelf wear, some rubbing to edges and corners, a little staining to spine, slightly loosening, tissue covered frontispiece, (see photographs)

"Literally sick unto death, a writer, to the visible astonishment of his doctor, commences to recover. But a feeling that his powers are waning and that, his days as a creative force are over takes possession of the patient. The physician brings him a mysterious cedar box, which he is assured has strange powers to effect cures, for the casket was stated to be the handiwork of none other than Our Lord, who made it for His Blessed Mother when working in the workshop of St. Joseph. The tale is simply and reverently told, and there is a gracious piety and pathos about it. The doctor takes the cedar box away. He is to return, but the writer and his wife do not see him again.
"And the cedar box?"
"Some day, perchance, when, after long waiting for overdue rent, and many futile applications to a name and address which have no longer any significance, a certain small safe in a certain great Safe Deposit is at last opened, and the contents disposed of in such manner as may be customary—the silver casket may pass into alien hands which will surely treasure it for its antique beauty, though ignorant of the Wonder of Wonders within."

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