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The Conspiracy Files by Kenn Thomas

The Conspiracy Files by Kenn Thomas

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 The Conspiracy Files

Evidence Behind the World's Most Notorious Theories

by Kenn Thomas

Pier 9 Murdoch, Australia, 2007, ISBN 9781921208805, colour illustrations and photographs throughout, hardcover, dust-jacket, 

Very Good Condition, a little edge wear and rubbing to covers, dust-jacket has a little edge and shelf wear with small tear to front cover (see photographs) 

'The first section looks at such theories as the Lost City of Atlantis, the existence of Jesus Christ and discusses the Freemasons.  The second section addresses the assassinations of JFK and his brother RFK, Princess Dianna and the DC Snipers.  Finally, section 3 deals with the standard alien conspiracy theories of cattle mutilation, Nazi UFO’s and the Moon Landing.'
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