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The Dinosaur Museum by Dr Jen Green

The Dinosaur Museum by Dr Jen Green

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The Dinosaur Museum

An unforgettable, interactive, virtual tour through dinosaur history

Pop-ups, pull-outs, wheels, flaps and tabs

by Dr Jen Green

Illustrated by Sebastian Quigley

Scholastic Australia, 2008, [First Edition], ISBN 9781741693102, colour pop-up and interactive illustrations throughout, hardcover with illustrated interactive boards

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, minor rubbing and bumping to edges, corners, spine and covers, no inscriptions, all pulls and pop-ups etc. working (see photographs)

“Take an incredible, room-by-room, interactive tour of the Dinosaur Museum, and discover the key secrets of these prehistoric giants.  Then step behind the public halls of the museum to a palaeontologist’s laboratory.  There you can examine fossils in the specimen drawers, peer through the microscope and consult the size comparison chart.  Every aspiring young palaeontologist will be enthralled by this private, behind the scenes tour.”


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